We guarantee to provide only high-quality services! Do you want to know why?

We use clash of clans cheats method that’s working within Google Play’s and App store’s terms and conditions for financing and supply Clash of Clan’s resources to the user’s gaming account.

We are a professional team of coders. To bring happiness is our main goal, so we don’t take money for our COC hack work. We enjoy coding and hacking, so we decided to share our generator with online community. Your satisfied feedbacks make us happy.

The COC recourses generator is completely safe. Our transferring process is 100 % safe and don’t have any chance on negative effect on your Clash gaming account. We guarantee it! You can’t be banned or get scammed when you use our cheat COC tool.

Since July 2014 more than 5 000 gamers from all over the world got Clash of Clans resources from us for free and no one was banned.

We know you have a lot of questions, you are wondering whether or not the hack works, is it safe, would you be able to use it and does it work on your phone. This FAQ is built with the sole intent to give answers to your questions before you decide whether you want to use it or not and a piece of mind for the worried users out there.


What is the Clash of Clans hack?

The Clash of Clans hack tool is an exploit found in the game that allows you to cheat your way up to18.000 free gems in a legal and safe way without any risk for your account. It uses the game against itself in to help you get your free Clash of Clans gems.
If you decide to use our CoC gem hack, we guarantee that nobody will know anything, not other players, not Supercell, not even your clan mates. The only visible trace is your accelerated progress in the game, with the gems you will get, you will upgrade faster, skip training times, get your shields up etc.
The Clash of Clans hack by RingBuzz is the easiest way to get free gems.

Does it work on Android and iPhone (iOS)?

Since the nature of the hack is connected with the game itself, the operating system of your phone does not have any impact on whether or not you will be able to use the hacks to get the gems and use them normally in the game. To summarize it, yes the Clash of Clans hack will work on both Android and iOS including the iPhone and the iPad.
And for those of you who are interested in whether or not rooting or jailbreaking your phone is required, the answer is NO, you do not need to modify your phone or perform any shenanigans to get the hack working.

And what about the other hacks available online?

While most Clash of Clans hacks available online promise you millions of gems “legally” and “without any risk”, just look at the numbers, 999.999.999 gems, gold and elixir, c’mon give me a break. You might believe all that only if you have never played the game or you are a newbie who just installed Clash of Clans and is still watching the tutorial videos.
On the other side there are the modded APK files and tricks with rooting or jailbreaking that will visually make you believe that you have the gems but, when you try to use them for something in the game you get all kinds of errors. This is where our hacks are different, they are undetectable easy to use and most importantly the work.