Design War Best Defense Base Clash of Clans Townhall

Clash Of Clans or commonly called the COC call is a strategy game created by a company called Supercell game studio. In this game we are obliged to create a rule strategy to a village which we will develop into larger, strengthen the defenses that our village was not attacked, create an army, upgrade weapons used to defend the village, and attacked another village so that we get a Gold ( upgrading and purchasing needs in the shop) and also Elixir (for upgrade and purchase needs in the shop and make the troops. in attack we will also provided two types of attacks, the first “Single Player” and the second is the “Multiplayer”. Each type of attack has its own difficulty level. Well that’s a bit of explanation that I know about this game Clash of Clans with it according to the title of this article I will post “War Design Best Defense Base Clash of Clans”.

Best Defense Base Design War Townhall Level 5

From some war ever run base is very difficult to penetrate up to a 3 star Air Defense and Mortart inside which makes it perfect base for war and also with an anti giant trap on the sidelines of the existing wall, Base this war can only penetrate 3 Save depending on the type of attack that used the enemy.

best war 5
Best Defense Base Design War Townhall Level 6

Base war this one I can say best defense for the position of Air Defense at the center allows prevention of attacks from the air, aided by two pieces Mortart of left and right side, assisted also by Wizard Town. Look at this base are in the serial number 8 while the enemies that attack is the number 5 with TH level 7.

best war 6

Base that could be considered anti giant with a trap that is in between the existing and also to prevent attacks from the air with Mortart are ready to support the attack area. From some war-run base, rarely breaks 3, but once upon a time base breaks 3 with a balloon full attack types. In the picture above, the base is attacked by the number 2 with TH level 8, whether intentional or not that obviously did not get a star at all.

Best Defense Base Design War Townhall Level 7

Base-level TH 7 this one is premature to Mortart, Cannon, Town Wizard, Town Archer and Air Defense were not accompanied by a full upgrade wallnya. Nonetheless base this war are rarely breaks up 3 somehow I am also surprised, but if you want to use this base I suggest juxtaposition Town TH Archer close to the edge of Air Defense and Town Wizard exchange with Mortart the lane adjacent to the water defense. Base is a fairly large and could also lead to a time limit when attacked.
war 7

Well if this is the base of my own war, the base war TH 7 that could be considered premature. But the base will rarely 3, though 3 base was attacked with a full dragon. In the war that has need some time ago my base is no attack at all.

Design TH level 7 used my friend rarely breaks 3 except with the kind of full dragon attack, because the base is never penetrate with full dragon 2/3 level. So, depending on the type of attack used.

Design TH level 7 war base that can be fairly perfect, with the Air Defense who were ditengan and assisted with Hidden Tesla which allows prevention of attacks from the air. This base was attacked with a full dragon and produced only a 3-star.

Notes : No matter how strong the design of war used it all depends on the type of attack by the enemies, so here I am just sharing and hope to be useful for all your friends or if all your friends have a base that is arguably the best defense immediately send it screnshootnya along with a description of base the

Written by: Eriskarena

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