Tips Review Wizard Tower Clash of Clans

Wizard Tower had hitpoint and milder attacks, and also only has a range of short, but the Wizard Tower has a relatively high attack speed and ability to attack the area. Wizard Tower is less effective against single targets like Giant or Dragon, but extremely effective against troops in large quantities such as Barbarian, Archer, Minion, Goblin etc.

Wizard Tower is very useful for protecting the storage of Goblin, Goblin usually escape from the trap Mortar Bomb games, but could not run away from attacks Wizard Tower.



Wizard Tower Strategy

Wizard Tower is one of the best tower in Clash of Clans, able to protect the base from attacks of enemies.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Wizard Tower suited to deal with enemies who are happy to bring troops in large quantities, such as the full force Barbarian, Archer, or Goblin. Excess is what makes the Wizard Tower as one of the best tower in the CoC. Besides Wizard Tower also can attack air forces. Placing Air Bomb next to the Wizard Tower also be an option to anticipate the enemy to destroy the spread Balloon Wizard Tower.

At first the Wizard Tower is relatively weak in attack and hitpoint, but attacks increased significantly in upgrading TH8 upwards. When the Wizard Tower has reached level 6, attacks are relatively high up or Barbarian Archer could be dead in one attack.

The biggest drawback Wizard Tower is when facing troops with great hitpoit, especially aided by Healing Spell or Healer. Make sure the Wizard Tower in range Air Defense to anticipate Healer. Giant Wizard Tower can be overcome if the Giant were gathered together in one point. But it would be difficult if Giant assisted Healar, the solution is to place the Air Defense to address the stony Giant Healer.

Placement Wizard Tower

Wizard Tower can be placed in the middle base, between 1-2 building storage, to protect the storage of Goblin and Barbarian attack in large numbers. Some players put 2 Wizard Tower to protect the Dark Elixir storage, ensuring assisted Goblin Healer and the Healing Spell die without being able to resist the attack of the Wizard Tower.

In addition, placing adjacent Wizard Tower can be fatal, ensure that the distance between the Wizard Tower and the other one just far enough so that the Balloon in large quantities and assisted Healer or Healing Spell takes to destroy the Wizard Tower.

Priority Upgrade

Upgrade Wizard Tower can be done after other major building after the Air Defense and Mortar,  Try to earlier than the Cannon and Archer Tower. Difficulties in the Upgrade Wizard Tower is due for an upgrade price Wizard Tower is quite expensive compared to the prices of other building upgrades.

Free Air Defense Clash of Clans for Defence

Laying of water best defense one of the best defenses of the building base village COC maintains an air-raid defense is water. Therefore you also must know the exact position of the water defense which was placed at.

Air Defense is a tower specifically attacked the air force. Although it can not attack ground forces, Air Defense is one of the important defensive structures in Clash of Clans. Has a high attack speed and attack relatively far distance. Air Defense could protect the base from attacks that have a high threat like Dragon and Healer.

Air Defense was the only tower that produces great attack although from level 1. And the great attack is increased every upgrade level.



Air Defense Strategy

Air Defense proper placement can make a good defense in playing CoC. If placed anywhere even outside the Wall can be destroyed easily and would be very dangerous if the enemy carries air forces.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Weaknesses Air Defense only one that is not able to attack ground forces. Place separately from each other and put a little in the base to protect it from air attack.
Sometimes a player using all its air forces to survive the Air Defense. Or use Dragon for trying to hold Air Defense when Balloon destroy other defensive structures. Increase the level of Air Defense upgrade to avoid Air Defense Dragon withstand attack for too long.
Minion is sometimes used to destroy the Air Defense Air Defense for only attacking air forces. Minion in large quantities can destroy the Air Defense with ease. Air Defense, the placement is crucial, being in the middle of the base and not far from Archer Tower and Water Tower Bomb or Wizard.


Placement of Air Defense

Place the Air Defense in the middle of the base, do not place where the Air Defense can be destroyed easily. When TH4-6, a player only has 1 Air Defense, so it should be a top priority and protected.
At the Town Hall 8 and above, the most ideal place the Air Defense formations triangular or rectangular and flanked diatara buildings with high hitpoints. This will complicate the Dragon, because the Dragon will take time to demolish other buildings.
Never place the Air Defense at one point to avoid Lightning Spell, normally 3 Lightning Spell could mengahancurkan Air Defense.

Priority Upgrade

Air Defense also became one of the main priorities to be upgraded to the maximum level of each Town Hall level. Air Defense reason to upgrade as soon as possible because the length of time an upgrade is needed.