Clash Of Clans : Original Barrack Review

Here I will berbai kinds of troops and also the advantages or disadvantages of each of the troops. In making this necessary Troops Barracks, we can make the troops are also based on the level baracks (the larger the barracks increasingly cool troopsnya, but the beginning of the hero is no less cool). This he details

1) Barbarian
Troop This one is quick to be made and relatively inexpensive. They also have a blood count (Hit Points / HP) is very low and does not have any great damage. Generally, they are used in a large group that Cannon and Archer Tower untuuk difficult to deal with because their numbers are clustered while they touched kill one by one. However, because the game will be difficult clustered if the Barbarian is facing due to the Wizard Tower and Mortar Mortar discount Wizard Tower and Splash Attack (Once an attack could destroy everything around / more than one).

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2) Archer
Troop this one is not much different from the Barbarian. But it has more advantages. Archer played with the remote so that often they were at Collaborate with Giant / Barbarin as TB (Firm Hold), Archer also has more speed than the Barbarian. The amount of blood / HP to create a small padded Archer to attack Mortar / Wizard Tower, so often people use the Archer in a way so as not to die deployed with Mortar attack / single Wizard Tower.


3) Goblin
Ijo creature this one is known by the name Goblin.Goblin very nice to strike Gold Storage, Gold Mine, Storage Elixir, Elixir Collector, Dark Elixir Storage, and Dark Elixir Drills for damage Goblin will at times 2 when attacking the building. Goblin had a number of blood / HP low tetpi all of it covered with the strengths.


4) Giant
This great giant has great damage, but not big enough to survive as long as we attack. Their main targets are defenses such as Cannon, Tower Wizard, Archer Tower, and other blood-lain.Karena number / HP’s high, the player usually put them first in order to protect other troops weaker but more offensive known as TB (Hold Firm ).


5) Wall Breaker
Wall Breaker appearance like a small skull wearing a brown hat and had a small scar on the right eye and carrying a large bomb. Wall Breaker attack by finding and destroying protected building walls to protect the building with the bomb detonates itself like a suicide. In the latest update, Wall Breaker has Splash Attack surrounding enemies or wall and the damage will be multiplied by 40 if it attacks the walls of the wall.

6) Ballon
The balloon is a slow-moving unit that performs a number Splash Attack ashore with demage large enough. Ballon is like Giant prioritizing Defense Building. They are the force that moves the slowest in the game, making it less effective in its use and also has a cost that is expensive to produce.


7) Wizard
Wizard is a witch who wore blue robes, leather belts with gold buckles and brown shoes. Colors range from light blue robe to purple to dark blue, depending on the level of the Wizard. This wizard is very similar to Archer for using long-range attacks and have greater damage but have a number of blood / HP were small as well. Obviously, because of the price advantage to make the Wizard more expensive than Archer.

8) Healer
Healer is a unit that has the ability to fly. He does not have the ability to attack, but it can quickly heal any unit on the ground, unless in defense (Healer heal damaged building). If all units have full health, he will not do anything. Should the unit be harmed by the defense, he will fly over and begin healing. Healer will not cure unit that can fly (Dragon, Ballon, Minion, or Healer own).



9) DragonĀ tips, trik, dan strategi bermain clash of clans di android, tips bermain clash of clans, trik bermain clash of clans, startegi bermain clash of clans, strategi jitu clash of clans, strategi ampuh clash of clans, agar menang mudah di clash of clans, game clash of clans di android, download gratis game clash of clans di android, game terbaik, game strategi, game perang paling bagus, cara licik bermain clash of clans
DragonĀ is a unit fly frightening and able to attack the enemy on land and in the air. Unlike a balloon, the Dragon has a very big damage and the number of lives / HP large. Naga will attack anything nearby unlike Giant prioritizing attacked Defense Building.


10) P.E.K.K.A
P.E.K.K.A is the last troops were unlocked at Barrack. He has armor of one of the strongest forces based panacea, and the highest damage of any unit that is normal in the game. However, he is also the most expensive army of all, and have the time of making the longest is 45 minutes (before the update creation time is 1 hour)

Design War Best Defense Base Clash of Clans Townhall

Clash Of Clans or commonly called the COC call is a strategy game created by a company called Supercell game studio. In this game we are obliged to create a rule strategy to a village which we will develop into larger, strengthen the defenses that our village was not attacked, create an army, upgrade weapons used to defend the village, and attacked another village so that we get a Gold ( upgrading and purchasing needs in the shop) and also Elixir (for upgrade and purchase needs in the shop and make the troops. in attack we will also provided two types of attacks, the first “Single Player” and the second is the “Multiplayer”. Each type of attack has its own difficulty level. Well that’s a bit of explanation that I know about this game Clash of Clans with it according to the title of this article I will post “War Design Best Defense Base Clash of Clans”.

Best Defense Base Design War Townhall Level 5

From some war ever run base is very difficult to penetrate up to a 3 star Air Defense and Mortart inside which makes it perfect base for war and also with an anti giant trap on the sidelines of the existing wall, Base this war can only penetrate 3 Save depending on the type of attack that used the enemy.

best war 5
Best Defense Base Design War Townhall Level 6

Base war this one I can say best defense for the position of Air Defense at the center allows prevention of attacks from the air, aided by two pieces Mortart of left and right side, assisted also by Wizard Town. Look at this base are in the serial number 8 while the enemies that attack is the number 5 with TH level 7.

best war 6

Base that could be considered anti giant with a trap that is in between the existing and also to prevent attacks from the air with Mortart are ready to support the attack area. From some war-run base, rarely breaks 3, but once upon a time base breaks 3 with a balloon full attack types. In the picture above, the base is attacked by the number 2 with TH level 8, whether intentional or not that obviously did not get a star at all.

Best Defense Base Design War Townhall Level 7

Base-level TH 7 this one is premature to Mortart, Cannon, Town Wizard, Town Archer and Air Defense were not accompanied by a full upgrade wallnya. Nonetheless base this war are rarely breaks up 3 somehow I am also surprised, but if you want to use this base I suggest juxtaposition Town TH Archer close to the edge of Air Defense and Town Wizard exchange with Mortart the lane adjacent to the water defense. Base is a fairly large and could also lead to a time limit when attacked.
war 7

Well if this is the base of my own war, the base war TH 7 that could be considered premature. But the base will rarely 3, though 3 base was attacked with a full dragon. In the war that has need some time ago my base is no attack at all.

Design TH level 7 used my friend rarely breaks 3 except with the kind of full dragon attack, because the base is never penetrate with full dragon 2/3 level. So, depending on the type of attack used.

Design TH level 7 war base that can be fairly perfect, with the Air Defense who were ditengan and assisted with Hidden Tesla which allows prevention of attacks from the air. This base was attacked with a full dragon and produced only a 3-star.

Notes : No matter how strong the design of war used it all depends on the type of attack by the enemies, so here I am just sharing and hope to be useful for all your friends or if all your friends have a base that is arguably the best defense immediately send it screnshootnya along with a description of base the